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The Yo, born 1991 in Klagenfurt/Carinthia; grown up in Klagenfurt, mRc (Maria Rain) and Ferlach and later moved to Vienna. My father was an opera-singer and actor, my mother a kindergarten-teacher.
When I was four years old my mother died from cancer. I'd live with my father in our beautiful little house with little garden, an apple tree and a very stubborn but same way adorable cat called Timmy. I can't remember exact but I don't think that I felt like anything was missing in my life at this time, even if I remember me talking to my father like "pity that mom's gone". But I don't remember any bad or sad energy anyway, even if this time must have been very hard for both of us. The last time my mother was living she spent at home, cuz she didn't want to die in a hospital. I think at this time I did not really realize what's going on, but somehow we had the chance to say goodbye. Few months after my mom died my grandpa also died. When it happened I was at their home and I remember him calling my grandma in the morning sayin' he'd feel very bad and she'd call the doctor. I went to him in his room but he just shouted at me to go out. At this time I did not imagine that this would be the last time I'd see him.
After my mother had died, me and my father kept living in our house there for the first time. After some time had passed my father started meeting other women and finally met my prospective stepmother.
the Yo (2011)

Me (l) and Milena (r) After some time he sold the house and we moved to her apartment. My new stepmother was an essentially hearty person but we had a very difficult relationship most of the time. This was probably due to the circumstances. She was working in a "Children's Village" and had a son called Manuel, which is four years older than me. At this time we did not really get on with each other anyway. There were times we got along with each other and times we'd hate each other, but all in all we primary started having a real relationship years after I moved to my first own home. I think Manuel felt like me and my father had come to take away his mother and so he couldn't get into any familiar feeling, and would never really accept us as part of this family, but if you'd ask him, he might tell you similar about me. All in all, the time has surely not been easy, but everyone might have his own version of story to tell and if I should get to write a book some day, the analysis of our exact situation would definitely be a long chapter.
My stepmother also had a sister with a daughter called Milena and one son called Matthias. Milena was as old as me and Matthias as old as Manuel, so we started being at their home from time to time and had much fun. On the picture beside you see me and Milena posing for this picture..
After some time we'd say hello to a new little brother called Gerfried. Some time later we moved to a house in mRc and I started learning to play the drums in a private music-school. After one year I lost the interest for a while.
When I came to the high school at Tanzenberg and started playing the guitar. I loved listening to the music of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and in the first time I'd never even listen to anything else. Later I came to know the solo-music of John Frusciante. This was a very inspiring experience. I was fascinated by the style of his songs, filled by all his soul and pain. At this time I also listened to bands like Nirvana, Silverchair, Pearl Jam, Audioslave and even to some songs of Johnny Cash (his version of "Hurt" was my favorite). At this time I also started listening to rap-music, especially to Samy Deluxe and Kool Savas.

When I reached the 4th grade at Tanzenberg I started visiting an official music-school in Klagenfurt for expanding my ability of playing the drums for another year. At this time I already became the guitar-player of my first band called "Blue Delirium". We never played a gig but it was my first band-experience ever. Then I moved to Villach for attending the EDVo-HTL but left after few months when I saw my first math-homework. I've really never been the guy for math..

During the whole process I continued practicing playing the guitar on my own. I started listening to reggae-music like Capleton, Richie Spice, Chuck Fenda and Eek-A-Mouse, but I never stopped listening to the RHCP. When I came to HLW, where i also stayed for one year, I came to my second band called "Gigsters Violin". I came to the idea when I saw their flyer at school. One of my classmates already knew them well and few weeks later I was the drummer of this band. We played some gigs and after a while I became the guitar-player and singer. After a while we started missing rehearsals and not-caring at all so we decided to split. While playing in this band I also started playing in a second band called 'the Shamrocks' as drummer. We had a female singer with a stunning voice and played grunge. It was a really weird and great sound. At least we had one gig and then followed the same fate like Gigsters. At this time I moved around in the parks of Klagenfurt, having a nice time with my fellows. I loved to listen to punk rock like Zaunpfahl, Sid Vicious, the Zounds, Knockenfabrik and much more, but on the other side I still listened to the music of John Frusciante, but less to the RHCP. I also loved to listen to The Mars Volta, At The Drive In and harder stuff.
Somewhere around these years I started recording my first solo-album called "Just to record paralyzed". For recording I only had a headset-microphone, an accoustic spanish guitar (which I used to play on most of the tracks), my cheap "Silvertone" e-guitar and some weird video-cutting software. Unbelievably this sounds worse than the sound was.
One year later I finished the recording of my second solo-album called "Wind Up Space". Same location, same tools exept of the recording-program. I just moved to a little bit more professional thing, but not really.
Since I can remeber I prefer bad (not completely sterile) quality and not-exactly-holding-rythm-all-the-time cuz it sounds much more dirty, real, human and emotional. In my mind a better way to express your feelings, cuz even random noise can communicate a specific atmosphere and so contribute to an arrangement. Beside my want to make my music international, the reason why I chose english as the language for my lyrics even if my mother tongue is german is, that I just think it's a better sound. The abstract lyrics want to make the listener think on his own instead of telling what it is about. So similar like a bible my lyrics want the audience to fit `em on their own experience.
If you'd ask me where I've got my interest in music from, I'd tell you that it must have been my father who had put it in my cradle. He has alwas been a fantastic singer and musician, and he still is. When I was a child he always played guitar for me and sang when I couldn't sleep. Later I heard him playing the piano at home from time to time, even if we didn't meet that often cuz he was working very hard and I rarely left my room when I was at home.
At this point the circumstances at home became unbearable, even if I did not spend much time there anyway these days.
the Yo (2004?, Schützenpark)
the Yo (2004?, Schützenpark)
the Yo (front) & Stro (background)(2004?)

the Yo (2005?)
the Yo (recording)
When I moved out from my stepmother's house I was living with my grandma in her house the first time, and then to my first own home at Klagenfurt. My grandma was a really caring person, but you know that it's not always easy for two distant generations to live under one roof. We had many differences but beside these, we'd always know that we love each other. At my apartment in Klagenfurt I lived at least two years (second half with two other guys) but then had to move out. The reason were some "wannabe ganxtas" which robbed me. This inevitably triggered a chain of events which finally forced me to leave this place behind and would be the beginning of some hard years. After this I moved to a friend´s home and stayed there about one year until I got some cash and rented a big apartment at the other side of Klagenfurt. I'd live there with many people - few confidential - and keep on going through some very intensive and bad years.
Even if these years were full of experience, most of the time I stayed at home listening to music of Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, the Mars Volta, At The Drive In, Thievery Corporation, John Frusciante, Modest Mouse, Smashing Pumpkins, Led Zeppelin, Kyuss, ZZ Top, Inflabluntahz and so on.
In year 2011 I finished my 3rd album called "Neversong". It tells about the way through emptiness and shows up different moods and parts of life, addiction, relationships, weakness and strength.
Few months later the first part of the next album called "Back Ahead pt. I" was released. This complete one tells about the next hard way straight ahead back through lots of different situations from hell toward a better life.
In addition there were some other projects running beside this main-thing. I also started making rap tracks (the first ones 'round the time when I was 12) and an electronic project called "Degeschdigem" which started somewhere `round 2010 and ended 2011.
From time to time some people ask me why so many things are missing here. Firstly, if I wanted to expose my whole life here, this would definitely go beyond the scope and this is not the place to share all the gory stories anyway, so this is just a censored overview. Beside this, this biography is being written in stages. Everything you read here (apart from album releases) will always be the past and some years ago, not the present or future.

The name "the Yo" has multiple origins and reasons, but wants you to draw the picture on your own.