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Privacy Policy

09.06.2018 Spam mails

In the last time we were notfied that spam mails containing a theYoRecords e-mail address as sender address reached some people. These messages are surely not sent by theYoRecords and we dissociate ourselves expressly from their contents and strongly recommend not to open any links or download any attachments from this mail.
If you get spam mails from theYoRecords or are not sure about one, please forward it to spamreport@theyorecords.de.

The following is an example spam mail, which bounced back to theYoRecords:

Subject[SPAM] I believe in the search for true, sincere love!
From[ADDRESS REMOVED]@theyorecords.de
Time2018-05-17 12:05


It's a beautiful day and i'am in a hurry to get in touch with you asap!

My name is Sevgi, and I'm from Turkey.
I really do believe in a destiny with a bright future for myself and that you could become a part of it become my true soulmate.
I do want to be next to a loving man.

I love traveling, movies, pop music, seafood, and doing crazy things, but i feel like loneliness is swallowing me intensely lonely sometimes.
I wish to find for my second half, who a man that will give me a real hope and true love!

Hope you're interested in becoming a part of my adventure and will reply back soon.
In the next letter, I'll send you my photo.

Please write me back using my personal email: [ADDRESS REMOVED]@aol.com

Your true soul,

20.06.2015 Official store now available

Hey there,

the pronounced official theYoRecords store is now available! You can - obviously - find it on the store page.
At the moment the full album Back Ahead Pt. I is available, and you set the price. However, it's at least 0,38€ (~ 0,43$), because this is the estimated paypal transaction fee.
If you encounter any problems, please do not hesitate to send a support inquiry using the contact form on the links page.

Special thanks to Joey Rotten for testing!

07.02.2015 Downloads currently not available

At the moment there is a problem with the free downloads section. We are already working on a solution and you will be notified here when the problem is solved.
Sorry for the trouble!

06.02.2015 Website fixes and new store

There were some problems with the contact form but they have been solved now. From now, you don't need to disable your popup blocker and not even to enable JavaScript in your Browser. The contact form has fully been integrated into the 'Links' page (but you still need to click a button to see it).
Beside this, a new theYoRecords-Store is under construction at the moment. The first available item will be Back Ahead Pt. I, you decide how much to pay (however, at least 0.38€ because this is the PayPal fee per transaction).

06.07.2013 Creativity is coming back

In time I started writing on new songs and will start to record them. I also started having jams with some other musicians like Joey Rotten. At this point I can't tell you anything about the next release, but I think there will be some free singles to download until Back Ahead Pt. II is out.

27.06.2012 SPECIAL OFFER:

This is a special offer for everyone who visits this site: Write an e-mail to >>[E-MAIL-ADDRESS REMOVED]<< and tell me what's your favorite song of the Yo. (If you can't open the link, use the contact-form at the Links page)
If you are one of the first 50, you will receive one download-code for one song. The first two will receive download codes for the full album Back Ahead Pt. I and a preview of Back Ahead Pt. II.

Attention: After 10th July 2012 no e-mails will be accepted any more.

21.06.2012 Update

In time a new song featuring Pio is being recorded. It's going to be smooth guitar sound with electronic background and maybe some piano parts.
Further we've got a new download-section on this website. With a download-code you can download exclusive music like full albums or exclusive previews for free. You can get a download code per signing up to a special offer (first you need to sign up for the mailing-list). You you could also get download-codes by buying songs of the Yo at bandplanet.com, but there it's not sure that you'll get one.
Back Ahead Pt. II is still being recorded...

20.03.2012 Back Ahead Pt. II

In time a certain release date doesn't exist. Back Ahead Pt. II takes far more time than expected. There are many reasons, for example technical problems. Sign up for the mailing-list on the home page to receive many special offers!!

27.12.2011 New Single Out!

"MIRAGE", the new single featuring a german artist called Pio, is out now. At the downloads-section of this Website you can download it for free.

the Yo & Pio: Mirage (Single)

10.10.2011 Back Ahead Pt. II...

...will take more time than expected. 'Cuz of technical problems there will be a delay of a couple of months. Sorry for that.

Love & Peace
The Yo

27.08.2011 "BACK AHEAD Pt. I" OUT NOW!!

The new album "Back Ahead Pt. I" is available now. The second part is being recorded in time and will be released in the beginning of the next year.

Love & Peace
The Yo


Now we know for sure that we won't play the gig this month. As soon we know a possible date it will be posted here immediatly.

18.08.2011 Back Ahead

The new album will be built up on two parts. The first one will be out on 1st Sept. 2011.
the Yo - Back Ahead Pt. I the Yo - Back Ahead pt. II

02.08.2011 We're complete!

Now we start to rehearse and look forward to the gig. I can't tell that we'll play the gig to 100% cuz there's not much time, but we'll do our best. If we can't manage to play the gig this month, we'll play one in next time. I also need more time to record Back Ahead, cuz there are some troubles `round the studio. But it won't last that long anyway.


I'm searching for 2 guitar players to play a gig in august this year (next month). It would be great if you'd know some of my songs and at the best if you were able to play `em (but it's not a must) cuz there's not much time to rehearse. If you are interested write a mail to: >>[E-MAIL-ADDRESS REMOVED]<<. In addition I'd like to say that we're going to play the gig in Klagenfurt, so it would be helpful if you'd come from somewhere `round here. Thanx for every support.

01.06.2011 NEVERSONG OUT NOW!!

Next album called "Back Ahead" is already being recorded and going to be out somewhere 'round august this year. In time there are no concert dates available. Maybe I'm going to have a gig with some session-musicians any day. In time there's nothing more to say but I hope you like the Neversong and look forward to the next one.

Love & Peace
the Yo