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(the Yo - Neversong)

One, two, need a tone, everybody feels alone
Come to me to know there´s no place I need to roam
Feel me, am I cold, no more light there on my road
Really, can I know, the foresight that I will explode

Far, far away in early times when we where younger
Never ever just believed that I´d become a dragonhunter
The way we went was our, as it was the way we went
Symbiotic start and end

(Wait for the night)
Hard to fight, nearly impossible to defeat
(Euphoric eyes)
Holy creature, could be all I ever need
Just one brown scale to taste the fire
One part of tail will make you tired

Why are we waiting
And what are we waiting for
Acting like applications
But do not work any more
Hi, I am nature
So you can see I´m god
Floating ´round painfully cut
Into a piece of the world

Finally cut from this dimension´s stream
Right stuck up instead of attentive being
We went to see, maybe we´re never coming back
Maybe now there´s no more dragon, but we still hunt the track