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Flying High

(the Yo - Neversong)

Yeah I was flying high above the night
The edge was getting high from this tide I´m feeling right at
In time I´m gonna cry back, beg for fuckin´ bring the time back
Long time ago I realized that there´s an other sphere I wanna rise at

My will´s come true
My thoughts are born far away from your mind
These are the rules
Associations fail to be just right sometimes
I can´t review
Oh where are the times we lived upside
Replaced our suits
Dancing on flames but rising far too high
I said whatever, see you tomorrow if we wake up again
You´ll live forever while I´ll be murdered by my own brain
I´m rainy weather, if you call me at night I won´t complain
Just to be set up finally, omitting myself to finally find again

Rising high means falling deep
A dreamless world found recently
I lived a dream but resent me
Too nice to be real
An outer world inside my mind
From lower place to higher point
Come over, taste a certain kind
What am I??